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Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC)

Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC)

Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) distinctly upholds the belief that education must transcend the four walls of the Institution and contribute to social transformation, and propel global progress.

As an academic institution, our philosophical beliefs are grounded in the pursuit of truth. We believe that the pursuit of truth strengthens the moral fiber of every individual.

We believe, too, in the holistic formation of the individual by instilling moral discipline to develop character and by encouraging a never-ending intellectual pursuit for excellence.

We believe discipline begins with the individual and that a self disciplined, educated person will be able to contribute more to others and to the community.

Further, we sustain the belief that education should rise above what is mediocre in a complex world, by nurturing an open-mind and developing receptiveness to new ideas tempered by critical thinking.

As a premier college, we recognize the need to educate individuals who will contribute to the improvement of human condition.

Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) offers a unique combination of a rigorous academic program, a medium-sized school, a diverse student body and all the resources the Pearl Manila Hotel, Medical Center Manila and the Emilio Aguinaldo Medical Center. The hotel and hospital environments provide students with an opportunity for authentic learning experiences which is rarely matched by other learning institutions.

Our interdisciplinary, hands-on approach to health care, hospitality management and other disciplines provides academic and professional challenges that develop a wide range of skills in our students. Our close-knit community truly makes us what one college guide calls “an urban oasis.”

Teaching Program

Part of our organization is an International School which provides quality education that begins with a pre-school which employs a Montessori-based approach to prepare the young ones for entry to the elementary school. In the high school, standards are high and its challenging curriculum is geared towards offering an International Baccalaureate Program.

Our high school graduates enter premier universities because of their strong academic foundation focused on Mathematics and Sciences. In 2009, our high school ranked in the top ten private schools in the National Achievement Test for the NCR.

College education, likewise, conforms to the standards of the world’s best educational institution. The College continually upgrades its programs to ensure that the students are prepared to meet the needs of today’s employment market.

Before they step out of our school, the students of EAC are given the opportunity to have hands-on training in actual workplace situations with our affiliates. Students in Health Care programs are able to practice what they learn in the classroom at the Medical Center Manila. Similarly, students in the Hospitality and Restaurant Management programs can apply what they learn at the Pearl Manila Hotel. At our Cavite Campus students have the same opportunities for gaining real world experience with our nearby affiliates of Emilio Aguinaldo Medical Center and Antler’s Hotel.

Aside from our affiliates, we have arrangements with many other institutions for hands-on training for our students.

For instance, the School of Criminology has an arrangement with the National Bureau of Investigation and with the Manila Police District for the hands-on training of their students. The School of Business Administration has arrangements with a number of private brokers and accounting firms.

The standards of our programs are recognized here and abroad. Emilio Aguinaldo’s Dental Technology course is the first to receive TESDA certification. We are one of only five institutions whose Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy is recognized by the World Federation of Occupational Therapy. Recently, one of our international students passed the Taiwan Medical Board Exam.

State of the Art Facilities

At Emilio Aguinaldo College we believe in providing an environment conducive to learning. Our students are provided with modern, air conditioned classrooms, use of a well stocked library, science, computer and speech laboratories. A seven story Sports and Cultural Center that houses, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a gymnasium, a basketball court, a fitness center, an inside running track and a state of the art theater are all available for use by students and faculty. Recently we added several simulation laboratories for use by our Health Care programs and Hospitality and Restaurant Management programs. Our continued investment in facilities is aimed at further enhancing the learning experience of our students.


For our students to become competitive in their chosen field they need top quality teachers. To this end we have gathered highly qualified, local and foreign academicians to be their mentors. Thus our students are able to learn from experienced mentors who are experts and often leaders in their field of study.


EAC provides an online student-teacher communication facility through its E-Learning Program. We believe that E-Learning is an essential component of modern education. The EAC E-Learning Program allows our students to access their lessons, homework assignments, class notes, and even interact with their teacher about their lessons from the convenience of their home computer. Learning no longer needs to be interrupted because of the suspension of classes due to bad weather, pandemic alerts or other similar causes. Students can continue their learning online in the comfort of home.

Student Services

EAC’s Student Services department makes sure campus life is a totally enriching experience. Students can enlist in a number of extra-curricular programs such as the Chorale, Drama Club, various sports (Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, and others), academic and religious organizations, and many more.

Linkages with Institutions

To continue to ensure that our educational programs are up to date, EAC continues to benchmark itself against other educational institutions and engage in student and faculty exchanges with industrial institutions both here and abroad. Aside from our linkages with local affiliates, we have established partnership agreements with institutions from USA, China, Japan and Korea. Our agreements include joint research programs, colloquiums on program content and teaching methodology, school equipment assistance, exchange of students and faculty, technology transfer and the like.

Security and Safety

Every building has its own security personnel. In place, is an electronic ID system that screens all individuals entering the school grounds and buildings. The safety of our students is always one of our biggest priorities.


The EAC campus is ideally located in the heart of Manila. It is easily accessible through public transportation, such as public buses, jeepneys, taxis, and the Light Rail Transit system (LRT).

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